A Letter From Zub Zub

In May 2007 I e-mailed a group of "no-plane" researchers asking them why blue screen technology and video compositing was used on 911. A researcher called "Zub Zub" promptly responded and I have reproduced the received letter below with some explanatory pictures. The "Ghost Plane" footage is also known as the "CNN Best Angle" footage, the "Money Shot" video or the "Michael Hezarkhani" Video and was allegedly recorded from Battery Park in Manhattan..


I think the CNN Ghost-plane footage is probably designed to create an intense emotional reaction in the audience and motivate them to support the "War on Terror". I speculate that most of the Battery Park footage was created long before 9/11 and that there's very little in the way of live footage there. I think of it as being a sort of "psyop cartoon".

Stills from the animation sequence and the companion "Carmen Taylor photographs" were used on magazine covers with headlines reading "EVIL" and "TERROR", and accompanying articles that preyed on the superstitious.

Newspapers all over the world ran stories about people seeing the face of the Devil in the smoke. The Carmen Taylor "photo" of the evil cartoon face is one of the official 9/11 photographs displayed on usinfo.state.gov.

The various versions of the CNN Ghost-plane soundtrack have all sorts of emotionally-charged sounds: children playing, women screaming, men exclaiming "Oh my God!" By the time they ran the Ghost-plane footage, the world had already been told about hijacked airplanes and Osama bin Laden, and the CNN animation was designed to be a call to arms. It introduced the epic battle of Good vs. Evil.

I hadn't thought about it before, but it's the same motif they used in Val McClatchey's "End of Serenity" photograph. The theme is a tranquil setting marred by crazed religious fanatics from some country on the other side of the world where they wear towels on their heads and treat their women like slaves.

In the Ghost-plane footage we have a lovely city park, with the soothing sounds of children playing oblivious to the accident at WTC 1, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a hijacked plane appears and the next thing you know the Devil himself is popping out of a burning building and everyone is screaming and crying. None of that is accidental.

In Val's photo you have a Norman Rockwell scene of Rural America. There's green grass, blue sky, a house with a white picket-fence and a Red Barn. (I actually don't remember if it had a fence or not but it might as well have had one.).

It's the final resting place for the True American Heroes who defeated the Evil Hijackers using only their bare hands and plastic cutlery. It's a reminder to us all that we should give our lives to protect Federal Government Buildings. Freedom isn't free. Enlist your sons and daughters in the military. Remember the Lusitania!.

There's nothing technically accurate about the CNN Ghost-plane footage and it almost looks like it was painted with watercolours. Perhaps they wanted to see how the public reacted to the plane crashes and building collapses before deciding which official explanation to offer. There were so many technical glitches in the live footage that the Ghost-plane shot was a comforting synthesis of the themes they wanted us all to remember or imagine..

There are some unused plotlines of "bombs in the basement" and "Arab contractors working on the sprinkler system" that were dangled out on 9/11 and then discarded, or if not discarded used to form the core of the 9/11 Truth movement.

I think the layering used in the live videos was needed to hide things that needed to be hidden, but in the CNN footage it's basically just a dream-sequence anyway. Everyone was already shocked-and-awed, and now they wanted to hit all those emotional buttons and create an outpouring of Patriotism and Blind Hatred. It's melodramatic.

After all that intentional panic and confusion and terror, they needed some sort of emotional ploy to sell the War on Terror and the Patriot Act. Enter the Ghost-plane with it's "Beautiful Day Ruined by Failure to Have Spent More Money on Advanced Weapons Systems and Not Bombing Terrorist Training Camps Often Enough" imagery.

CNN Ghost-plane is very different from the live footage because instead of concealing real things, it's designed to implant false ideas, memories, and emotions.

Perception warfare doctrine states that military deception is a three-tiered cognitive process.

1. See
2. Think
3. Do


Beautiful day, children playing, plane crashing, burning building, screaming, Evil Cartoon Devil Face.


America's such a lovely place where people from all over the world come to work in beautiful skyscrapers and only Satan-worshiping Billionaire cavemen trapped in the 8th Century can ruin it. And it's all because we didn't bomb them into the Stone Age when we should have.


Give up Civil Liberties and Join the Military. Rally around the Flag and President Bush. Support torture and kidnapping. Turn a blind eye to no-bid government contracts...

This ended up being a much longer answer to your question than I had intended to type, but you got me thinking.

Well Iím glad Zub Zub got thinking after reading my e-mail. I all too often get the feeling that anyone who reads anything Iíve written falls asleep spontaneously.

June 2007