Unknown Video - "Flat And Slow"

This Unknown Video has been included here in relation to the previous Park Foreman Video, the purpose of which is to highlight the differences between the UA175 aircraft seen in each respective recording.

There are 2 major differences between these two videos that can not be explained in terms of camera viewing angles, video technology limitations or meteorological / environmental conditions:

1 - The speed of the UA175 aircraft seen in the "Unknown" Video is approximately 492mph compared to the Park Foreman UA175 aircraft speed which is approximately 620mph.

2 - The UA175 aircraft seen in the Unknown Video is flying horizontally in direct contradiction to the UA175 aircraft in the Park Foreman Video which is flying an approximate 3.7 degree descent path.

It's this comparative analysis between the Park Foreman video and the "Unknown" Video that exemplifies the falseness in the visual record of the UA175 strike. I leave it to the reader to contemplate the authenticity of the Unknown Video not only in relation to the Park Foreman video, but every other video analysed in this article.

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