William Nunez Photograph - "Almost Convincing"

Just like the aircraft seen in the Evan Fairbanks video the aircraft seen in the William Nunez photograph bears a striking resemblance to a Boeing 767-200.

It has what looks like the correct United Airlines livery and good proportions for the Boeing 767-200 aircraft. Both the attitude and trajectory seen here would result in the aircraft hitting the WTC2 tower in roughly the right place. You will notice that the airframe is slightly blurred, I suspect this is motion blur as the aircraft has been reported to be travelling at around 550mph. The most important observation about this photograph is the absence of the 'Port Wing Anomaly' which seems to be quite prolific throughout UA175 images.

There are three observations that make me believe this photograph is not showing a real Boeing 767-200:

Firstly, the fuselage is lacking in contrast giving it a slightly ghostly appearance, this is more noticeable on the port engine nacelle which looks like it has partially disappeared.

Secondly, the underside of the airframe around the wing fairings area is noticeably enlarged in comparison to the CG model. The starboard wing fairing in particular seems to be extending outward quite noticeably.

Thirdly, there does not appear to be an underside reflective strip on the aircraft that is consistent with the United Airlines livery.

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