Letsroll911 Image - "Let's Roll Another"

This image uncovered by Phil Jayhan of Letsroll911 bears a striking resemblance to the Der Spiegel image. I've examined them closely and as far as I can see they are identical, bar the fact that the cropping is a little more severe on the Letsroll911 image and its picture quality is noticeably lower.

What is confusing is that Flight Simulator indicates a different camera position and a different aircraft position for each image respectively. Based on this I'd be inclined to say that these images came from different cameras and were taken at slightly different times. But when you consider its amazing similarity to the Der Spiegel image and the idea of forgery I'd say it's quite likely that someone has copied the aircraft from the Der Spiegel image and used it create a new image.

But there is evidence that these two pictures are authentic. For both I noticed that when their virtual equivalents were released from their 'virtual freeze' in Flight Simulator they both flew straight into the tower hitting at almost exactly the same point as shown in WTC2 impact video footage. In other words the aircraft shown in both the Der Spiegel image and the Letsroll911 image exhibit the correct attitude that produces the trajectory seen in video recordings of the incident. This point swings the argument strongly in favour of authenticity. If any of these images were fake then whoever manufactured them was obviously thinking things through.

Perhaps we have two unique and genuine photographs clearly showing the UA175 aircraft that have been carefully touched up for purposes of sale, presentation to the public or reproduction in the media.

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