Rob Howard Photograph - "Produce of Popular Mechanics"

The Der Spiegel image (below) has been attributed to a man named Rob Howard (freelance photographer, WTC eyewitness and Popular Mechanics consultant on the 911 Conspiracy) and is rumoured by some to be a fake.

I've noticed that the airframe illumination in this image differs from other UA175 images. The small shadow cast by the starboard engine nacelle on the underside of the starboard wing suggests that the sun was no more than 10 degrees above the horizon when in reality it was approximately 27 degrees above the horizon. By contrast the Brooklyn Heights photograph, taken within a fraction of a second of the Der Spiegel image and with the same bank angle, suggests a relatively higher sun angle with its almost completely shadowed port wing and port tail fin, not to mention a starboard engine nacelle shadow that almost completely covers the starboard wing fairing.

I have introduced motion blur and the appropriate airframe shadowing to the CG Boeing 767-200 in the image below:

Another problem is that lack of airframe detail shown in the Der Spiegel image. When compared to a real Boeing 767-200 this point becomes self-evident. Where are the flaps, ailerons, nuts, bolts, rivets, flap hinges, aileron hinges, inspection hatches, leading edge devices, gear bay doors, safety labels, identification numbers, pitot heads, cargo bay doors, static wicks, blade antenna...etc...etc...?

Independent research in 2009 has verified the airframe illumination anomaly mentioned previously. The image below shows the appropriate shadowing for the bank angle exhibited by the Rob Howard UA175 and the suns position in the sky at the time of the WTC2 event. The engine shadow has been outlined in red. Note that the shadow extends over the starboard wing fairing:

The Michael Hezarkhani video (below right) shows the same lighting anomaly as the Rob Howard photograph (below left). Please note that the Michael Hezarkhani frame used here was taken at the same time as the Rob Howard photograph was allegedly taken, that being about 0.5 seconds to impact with WTC2.

Consequently both the Michael Hezarkhani video and the Rob Howard photograph should be considered fakes because they imply that the suns position in the sky was significantly lower than it actually was at the time.

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