How It Was Done

In order to analyse the film and stills photography the exact camera position, aircraft position, aircraft attitude and sun position were reproduced in Flight Simulator to provide a visual reference image to judge the respective UA175 picture. Due to the accuracy of the Flight Simulator environment it is possible to gauge the UA175's airframe and its flight path. We thus have a reliable method of authenticating the aircraft as a Boeing 767-200 and at the same time verifying its trajectory. All of the captured images from Flight Simulator were taken from the camera's point of view and were then scaled to match the original using only their respective fuselage lengths. This seemed appropriate as the fuselage length was the longest and easiest airframe dimension to measure; and in many of the stills and photographs analysed the aircraft bore a striking resemblance to a Boeing 767-200 from nose to tail, but not by any other airframe attribute. We also have the 'official' version of events that states that the aircraft was a Boeing 767-200. Where appropriate I have touched up some of the images but have been very careful not to add or remove any visual information from them that might affect the outcome of the analysis.

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