Pavel Hlava Video - "The Blinking Wing"

According to Flight Simulator the Pavel Hlava video was indeed showing a Boeing 767-200 series. The 'Port Wing Anomaly' was suspiciously absent leaving the airframe with a symmetrical appearance as you can see from the image set below:

A closer inspection showed that the airframe was surprisingly dark and unevenly lit in comparison to other UA175 images. This could be a result of the poor quality of the video used for this analysis. Airframe attitude and trajectory tests showed that the aircraft in the Hlava video would hit WTC2 at roughly the right point as seen in other UA175 video's and photographs.

There was a small but missing 'specular highlight' from the rear of the fuselage and we have to question the absence of the underside reflective strip of the United Airlines colour coding on the UA175 aircraft.

During the approach to WTC2 the starboard wing and the starboard tail fin of the UA175 aircraft momentarily blinked out for a flew frames and then the starboard wing glowed just before impact.

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