Park Foreman Video - "Almost Real"

Yet again the 'Port Wing Anomaly' is present and we have the 'pipe' illusion which should be attributed to reflected sunlight of the airframe.

Indeed real aircraft under the appropriate lighting condidions produce the same illusion:

At this point in the paper it is safe to assume that the port tail fin has a sweep back angle that is greater then it should be, just like on the port wing. This feature appears frequently in UA175 images often occurring with the 'Port Wing Anomaly'.

There is another interesting lighting contradiction with regards to the 'pipe'. The UA175 aircraft passed out of the shadow cast by the WTC1 smoke plume just before colliding with WTC2. The brightness of airframe at the beginning of the video and the sudden illumination of the starboard wing just prior to impact confirms the UA175 aircrafts entry and exit from this shadowy area, this being demonstrated by the area inside the white box shown in the image below:

The problem is that just before the UA175 aircraft emerges from shadow we see a bright secular highlight (see below) from the starboard side of the fuselage. This is physically impossible, how can a surface that is not being illuminated by the sun be showing a reflection of the sun at the same time?

Just like the image of the UA175 aircraft from the CNN Best Angle video the airframe of the UA175 aircraft from the Park Foreman video has a cloud of compression artefacts around it in disproportionate amounts compared to other structures in the same frame and in this video there seems to be a disproportionate amount of 'ringing' around the fuselage.

Furthermore, the port wing of the UA175 aircraft in this Park Foreman video seems to be in front of and behind a foreground structure almost simultaneously. In this case the effect occurs on what looks like a scaffold on top of a foreground building as shown marked by the red square in the image below:

Here's a close-up of the scaffold:

The effect is most prominent when you compare frames 2 and 3 (when the port wing appears to be in front of the foreground scaffold) to frames 4 and 5 (when the port wing appears to be behind the foreground scaffold):

This is another physical impossibility and probably a side effect of post production where the United Airlines Boeing 767-200 was added to the video.

Another curious facet of this video is the near perfect 3.7 degree descent path flown by the UA175 aircraft when we view its approach trajectory in relation to WTC2 using a 'time lapse' technique developed in Photoshop. This 'time lapse' technique allows the UA175 aircraft to be stabilised at regular time intervals within any selected frame or panoramic composite of frames (this process also reveals the amount of camera tilt experienced during the recording of, which there was practically none, suggesting the camera was on some kind of dolly or support):

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