DVD Sources Used For Analysis

CNN Tribute: America Remembers - Commemorative Edition. 2002 Cable News Network.

(Michael Hezarkhani / CNN Best Angle Video), (Ronald Pordy Video) & (Park Foreman Video)

In Memoriam - New York City 9/11/01. 2002 HBO Video. Brad Grey Pictures.

(Evan Fairbanks Video)

Why The Towers Fell. NOVA / British Broadcasting Corporation, 2002.

(NOVA Video)

REMEMBER September 11, 2001. Nine Eleven Productions, 2001.

(Live Video)

7 Days In September. 2002 Camera Planet.

(Jennifer Spell Video)

9/11 - The Filmmakers' Commemorative DVD Edition. 2001 Goldfish Pictures.

(Gedeon Naudet Video)

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