Carmen Taylor Digital Photograph - "Revenge Of The Money Shot"

The Carmen Taylor digital photograph, distributed by Associated Press and a web site of the State Department, looks so similar to screen captures from the CNN Best Angle video at impact that we'd be forgiven for thinking they were imaged with the same device. I've shown the closest possible frame from the CNN Best Angle video below for comparison:

Just like the comparative CNN field the UA175 aircraft has a partially missing tail fin and slightly fading port wing / port elevator.

In both the CNN Best Angle capture and the Carmen Taylor photograph the area of wing between the port engine nacelle and the fuselage is almost completely missing, not to mention the absent bottom half of the tail fin! Being so similar to the CNN Best Angle video it faces the same problem, which is that the aircraft attitude shown in the image is inconsistent with other images of the UA175 aircraft taken at the same time. In order to get an optical match I had to tilt the nose up to about 3 or 4 degrees above horizontal and rotate the airframe over to the left to such an extent that it contradicted not only the official attitude data, but also my own data pulled from other video sources and stills photography. Other CNN footage, taken from Brooklyn Heights, shows a near straight horizontal entry attitude and no last-instant 'pulling up' of nose of the alleged plane, in flat contradiction to the 'nose-up' anomaly of the CNN Best Angle and Carmen Taylor graphics.

It is unlikely the pod is an optical illusion caused the reflection of the engine nacelle in the starboard wing fairing given the relatively small size and curved shape of the fairing and the rather obvious fact that the pod itself appears to be larger than the wing fairing. Pod issues will be discussed later on in 'The Pod Illusion De-bunked' section of this article.

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